Planner Setup: Personal Wide Rings

About a year ago I caved and purchased my beloved Personal Wide Gillio binder. Some would say it was love at first sight. I used it non-stop since then, although the setup has changed many times. This is one of the features I like with ring-bound planners: they can adapt to what you need right now to organize your life!

I use this planner in conjunction with my Pocket XL Compagna, as it weighs a hefty 950g / 2.09 lbs which I don’t want to carry with me all the time. Naturally, it only houses the information I don’t need at any time.

Personal Wide is my Goldilocks size: personal was too small and A5 too big. There are also a lot of printable inserts for Personal Wide Rings available on the market which makes customizing my planner to my needs even better!

Gillio Personal Wide Rings Planner

This binder has developed a beautiful patina over the months, compared to a brand new one it has darkened quite a bit. Also, the leather tone is more reddish than when I bought it last year.


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Planner Setup: Personal Wide Rings
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