I changed my planner. Again.

I don’t know what’s happening this year with my planners. Somehow I never seem to be content with what I am using at the moment.

I started 2021 in an A5 Hobonichi Cousin Avec, after using an A6 Stalogy bullet journal for most of the second half of 2020. The Hobonichi Cousin had one thing that I missed in my A6 Stalogy: dated weekly overview pages for planning weeks in advance. I like to add tasks to my weekly pages as soon as I know that they have to be done in a specific week.


After using it for about a month I noticed that I planned out my week in this overview but after finishing the spread, I barely came back to it. It took me a while to figure out what was wrong with this, why it wasn’t working for me: I had not enough space to plan out and write down my weekly tasks.

Those tasks are things that I want to get done in a week, but they don’t necessarily need to get done on a specific day. Tasks that I need to do on a specific day have their “home” on my daily pages.

Additionally, I missed my other notes and it became a bit cumbersome to carry two planners with me. So I decided to ditch the Hobonichi Cousin. As much as I loved the paper and the fact that a bound book is easier to archive than a ring-bound insert, it was not working for me the way it needed to.

I transferred all the information into my Gillio Firenze Compagna in Personal Wide in the color Olive, one of my favorite planner sizes next to A5. We were at this time just at the end of a country-wide lockdown and I was hoping to get out of the house a bit more, so a smaller planner made sense.


Then the next lockdown was announced and I didn’t leave the house other than buying groceries and going for walks. My tasklist for work grew pretty long and I also did need to keep some notes for my business strategies and my content calendar. The personal wide planner was becoming too small for me.

Next up: my A5 Compagna in Royal blue. I had bought this binder pre-loved from someone who also hardly had used it so it was neat and new. I needed more space for my things, didn’t leave the house much since we were again in lockdown so it was a logical choice that I switched planners.


Right about mid-May I closed a big deal in my company and decided it was time to reward myself for my hard work. The lockdown was proposed to come to an end, summer was right around the corner. Yet again, my heavy A5 planner was not working: it was too big and heavy to carry with me.

So I decided to split my things up into two binders: one to take with me and one which stays home on my desk.

I had my eye on a Gillio A6 Compagna for some time now, but the color I wanted was sold out and no restock in sight. I decided to look for alternatives, as much as I love the planners from Gillio. (They are pricy but way worth their money!) Moterm was no option for me as they didn’t ship to Austria at that time. So I had a look at Van der Spek, another planner brand based in Europe. (Yay for short shipping times!)

I ordered a ready-to-ship planner, an A6 Touch Me in the color Perle. This is a light beige-grey color, very unusual for me as most of my covers are darker. (If you want to see my planner collection, I filmed a video some months ago.)

What can I say: right now I feel like Goldielocks with my A6. It’s small enough for a medium-sized purse, not too heavy (yet) and I like the lighter color for summer. Bonus for me: the VDS leather smells absolutely gorgeous!


I have no idea wether I will use A6 rings for the rest of the year or if I will change into my Hobonichi Cousin Avec again. I still have the second half-year book sitting on my desk. Somehow I feel awful about letting it “expire” without writing in it at all.

If you want to follow along on my journey to planner peace, you should follow my Instagram profile. As you can see, it documents my planner addiction pretty well!

I changed my planner. Again.
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