What I store in my planner pouch

Today I want to share with you what I have inside my planner pouch. I got this bag a few months ago when I was still working in an office and therefore wanted to take all my planner essentials with me. It’s also easy to pack for trips, I don’t have to worry to forget something. Now that I am working from home full time, it’s easy to carry around between my study and my living room or kitchen table.

I found this pouch through a video from Daksina and immediately fell in love with it. It was not easy to find a seller who delivered it to Austria (as usual 😩) but after some thorough search I found an Etsy seller who also offered reasonable shipping prices.

The canvas material is quite sturdy and the sewing is done very well. I think if you needed to, you could wash it in your washing machine on the delicates setting. The measurements of the Delfonics Utility Pouch M are 26,5×18,4×6,5cm and it has 15 pockets in total.

The contents of my planner pouch vary from time to time, based on my current needs. I always like to have my favorite pens in there as well as an assortment of sticky notes and planner tabs/page markers.

What to consider for your own planner pouch

If you want to put together your own planner pouch there are some things to consider:

First you have do decide on the size. This depends on the size of your bag and what you plan to carry with you. As I was commuting to and from work by car, weight was not so much an issue for me but it might be for you.

Second, it highly depends on what tools you use on a regular basis. I would not recommend buying a smaller pouch only to find out that your most needed accessories will not fit.

What I store in my planner pouch
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